April 20, 2021

Trailer: A Positive Climate

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A Positive Climate is a podcast focused on the cool ways to tackle climate change. 

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. Media coverage on the issue is often negative and many of us have no idea where to begin. While we can’t forget the truly dire consequences of what isn’t being done, a Positive Climate focuses on what is. 

Clean Energy industry “young vets” Alex McIntosh and Nick Zeltzer are flipping the script on climate change as they interview the inspiring people driving positive change. Season 1 features waste eating maggots, beer turned into electricity, a couple of bad jokes, battery powered planes and absolutely no single use plastics.  

If you’re passionate about the environment, the latest clean technology or just want to know how to get involved in the movement - while leaving your existential crises at bay - this podcast is for you!  

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Music by Nick Weaver.

A great man, a great friend of the podcast and one of Sydney's most loved musicians, Nick passed away recently from illness. He shared this beautiful tune with us just prior to his health taking a turn and we couldn't be more honoured to feature it on the podcast. We would like to dedicate this season to him. 

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