July 25, 2022

The Australian Guide to Electric Vehicles


Tom White from CarsGuide presents the state of play for electric vehicles in Australia. 


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Tom White, CarsGuide’s New Energy Vehicle Specialist has a very cool job! He gets to drive and review all the latest electric vehicles that are coming to Australia. He also recently released the EVGuide Report for all the latest stats, facts and figures on Electric Vehicles

So what better person to chat to (after our Season 1 chat to Tim Washington) to focus on where things are at for EVs including:

  • What are the top selling models currently?
  • What are the coolest new releases?
  • How and WHEN Australians can get their hands on the latest models?
  • Answers to key questions on range, recharging, vehicle to grid, how long EVs last for, when we’ll see a second hard market and much more
  • The FUTURE of electric passenger transport (and will it involve hydrogen?)

Some more reading if you’re interested in the topic

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