This podcast makes me happy!

There is so much negativity out there about the future of our planet and challenges our climate faces. But I can honestly say that A Positive Climate makes me positive about a green future. Can’t wait for season 4!

Informative and innovative

This is is exactly the podcast Australia needs. Finally a production that deals with contemporary climate issues that stokes innovative and efficient thinking for all generations. Well done Nick and Alex

Great sensible science

This is a science-based and pragmatic contribution to a discussion that is largely polarised between denial and annihilation. It doesn’t deny the threats presented by climate emergency but it still holds hope, which is sorely needed. That they manage to do it in good humour is both refreshing and engaging- thanks guys

Nailed it

I love this podcast. Nick and Alex do a great job of making complex ideas accessible and interesting. Looking forward to more episodes!

Informative and Fun

The only podcast that I can listen too every week. Alex and Nick continue to introduce interesting topics and guests, while bringing an educated and unbiased view to the discussion!

Fighting climate doom one podcast at a time

Whilst climate change is obviously a global problem, it’s fantastic that we finally have a resource that’s Australian-centric and one that’s so positive at that!

Love it!

A great listen - amazing tech and entrepreneurs helping to fight climate change.

Well thought out, informative and interesting!! Also a bit of inspiration too!

Covering a wide range of topics that are important for everyone to understand as there is a lot of misinformation and misinformed people about!!

Great poddy

Great poddy for people looking for awesome stories with a positive impact and great business ideas! Alex and Nick do a stellar job. Highly recommended!

Love it

Thanks guys for a very informative podcast!

Smooth hosts

Digging this pod. Good reminder that there's some hope left for the future.

Conversations that matter

Will add this pod into my rotation 💯

Top podcast on climate change tech

Love the banter and exploration of new technology! Definitely makes you more optimistic about the future!!

A positive climate is my go to podcast for climate tech innovations

The overwhelming narrative in climate news is typically gloom and doom- APC takes a different and incredibly valuable approach by showcasing what IS possible in terms of transforming our current systems- providing us all with much needed hope and empowering info

The best Aus climate podcast!

Nick and Alex do an incredible job laying out the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead as we target net zero. They combine a sense of humour and optimism with gritty analysis. Highly recommend

Quality, honest and unpretentious podcast

Love this podcast! Sincere, intelligent and easy to grasp the concepts. Really appreciate the way the content is delivered with zero obnoxious vibes compared to most discussions regarding the environment

Fantastic and educational

Love this pod. So much info on climate change and genuinely fun!

Content that makes sense

I was pretty out of my depth with most things climate change and renewables - the content makes sense and there’s a heap of interesting topics and conversations - me and my partner like tuning in - impressed my work mates the other day with fact as well lol

A deep dive with plenty of oxygen in tank

This podcast has been perfect for a novice on renewable energy like me. Even though each episode is a deep dive into a specific area, the expertise that these guys have is dealt with so calmly and accessibly—I don’t feel talked down to or alienated by jargon. They’re not alarmist in tone either, which is refreshing. Rather than feeling ashamed by my lack of action or angry at the world’s complacency, listening to these makes me motivated to do what I can to reduce my footprint and optimistic about the direction that many initiatives are heading. Sure it’s not all sunshine and roses, but geez it’s nice to hear about some of the good that’s being done to tackle the climate crisis out there. Love the rapport Alex and Nick have with each other and their guests to. It’s a deep dive on climate with plenty of oxygen in the tank to keep things cool.

Positive Content

Great to hear about all the entrepreneurial climate positive activities going on out there in a fun setting. Gives us hope with engaging topics delivered in way that isn’t dry

Brilliant podcast

Love this informative podcast. Always learn so much from the guests and the hosts are great at steering the conversation in the right direction. Highly recommend.

Love this

Informative and entertaining, keep the episodes coming

Big ideas simply explained

I’m always excited to see a new ep of this podcast drop. Nick & Alex are clearly experts in this space but lay complex ideas out for us laymen. It’s an easy recommendation for me to share with my eco-conscious mates too.

Miss your podcast

I’ve enjoyed all your episodes, they give us some hope that good things are happening to try and save this planet. Just wondering if you will be continuing your podcast this year as I miss it so much?

Insightful and inspiring stories!

Absolutely love the format of this podcast! It’s not too long, there is always some background given on the topic, the questions are probing and the energy is always positive. It’s nice to hear about Australian innovations! Well done Alex and Nick!!

Love this!

Interesting and important topics covered, explained in a way that is easy to digest for us non-experts!

Sooooo good

Great podcast. Exciting innovations discussed in an easy to digest manor. My number 1 climate podcast that leaves me feeling inspired!

Great podcast

Great stories on climate innovation - love the positive approach

Absolutely loving this positive podcast!

Tuning in every week to hear Alex and Nick’s cool ways to tackle climate change.

Great work

Love your work team, so great to hear positive stories