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Miss your podcast

I’ve enjoyed all your episodes, they give us some hope that good things are happening to try and save this planet. Just wondering if you will be continuing your podcast this year as I miss it so much?

Insightful and inspiring stories!

Absolutely love the format of this podcast! It’s not too long, there is always some background given on the topic, the questions are probing and the energy is always positive. It’s nice to hear about Australian innovations! Well done Alex and Nick!!

Love this!

Interesting and important topics covered, explained in a way that is easy to digest for us non-experts!

Sooooo good

Great podcast. Exciting innovations discussed in an easy to digest manor. My number 1 climate podcast that leaves me feeling inspired!

Great podcast

Great stories on climate innovation - love the positive approach

Absolutely loving this positive podcast!

Tuning in every week to hear Alex and Nick’s cool ways to tackle climate change.

Great work

Love your work team, so great to hear positive stories

Finally an Aussie climate podcast worth listening to

So great to hear positive news about climate solutions from an Australian perspective. Nick and Alex bring a lot of cred to these relaxed but fascinating interviews.


Such a great podcast! Super insightful while adding some fun to a pretty serious topic!


Beat new podcast of 2021