A Positive Climate is an uplifting podcast about tackling climate change. An inspiring look at the products, people and technologies making a real difference. Hosted by Australian climate technology experts Alex McIntosh and Nick Zeltzer, two friends on a mission to find the solutions to keep our existential crises at bay.

We cover it all on the show while keeping things optimistic and accessible: electric planes, waste eating maggots, plant-based meats, hydrogen made from beer, the solar revolution, the coolest new sustainable products and much much more.

If you’re passionate about the environment, the latest clean technology or just want to know how to get involved in the movement, this podcast is for you!

About the Hosts

Alex McIntosh Profile Photo

Alex McIntosh

Alex is passionate about innovation and solving one of the greatest challenges of our generation, climate change! Alex has been in the energy sector for over 5 years where she's had experience with hydrogen, distributed energy, pumped hydro and battery storage. Prior to joining the energy revolution, Alex worked in Deal Advisory at KPMG.

Nick Zeltzer Profile Photo

Nick Zeltzer

Nick’s passion for sustainability started via his Papou who used to say “Yoghurt only expires 30 days after the use by date”. Nick has worked in investment banking, venture capital, grants and with startups in both Australia and the US. Nick has been in the energy industry for over 10 years with roles at Macquarie Group, Origin Energy, and Puget Sound Energy in Seattle.