July 11, 2022

What YOU can do about climate change


Lily Dempster from One Small Step chats to us about how to address your personal carbon footprint.

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One Small Step is a mobile app that aims to be your personal sustainability coach. It provides you with tailored programs to help you cut your carbon footprint. It uses behavioural science to make green living simple, easy and fun. Lily has just moved over to the US to continue to scale the business. Give it a download!

We wanted to bring Lily on not only to share what you can do but also how we should think about what to do. Should we feel guilty when we forget our keep cups? Should we procreate? The big questions!

We cover a lot on this episode including:

  • Tips and tricks to have less of an impact on the environment and climate
  • Whether consumers can truly impact the needle on carbon emissions compared to big business
  • The biggest sources of personal emissions
  • Australia’s (unwanted) place near the top of the global carbon emitter leaderboard   
  • Carbon offsetting and donating to climate charities 
  • A speed round of submitted questions to Lily from our audience!

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