Nov. 15, 2021

Fashion, but make it sustainable!

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Gordon Renouf from Good On You, chats to us about sustainable fashion. 

We all want to look good and stay up with the latest trends but how do we do this in a sustainable and ethical way? It's an area definitely worth solving as the global apparel industry accounts for an estimated 8% of emissions! That’s on par with the steel sector.

It's a complex topic and one that is so confusing. Thankfully Gordon and his co-founder Sandra Capponi started Good on You, the #1 sustainability ratings platform for fashion brands. It independently rates brands and gives you an easy to understand overview of their supply chain sustainability and ethics. 

In this episode we cover: 

  • The challenges of the fashion industry to decarbonise
  • Top tips for ensuring your fashion habits are more sustainable: hint - it’s just buying what you need
  • Why Sydney’s love of linen might make it a more sustainable city than Melbourne 
  • Whether or not sustainable fashion is a class issue
  • New types of emerging materials: like leather that’s made from mushrooms! 

This a topic we want to learn more about so if you know any amazing brands doing great things send us an email at


Some more reading if you’re interested in the topic


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