Oct. 31, 2022

A Positive Climate #Wrapped: 2022 in Review with Alex and Nick

Alex and Nick wrap up 2022 and the end of season three with a wide ranging chat including an update on the international race to decarbonise, trends in cleantech, a check-in on our BIG predictions and our plans to bring you even more great episodes in 2023. 

We cover a lot on this episode:

  • How the narrative around decarbonisation has changed in the last 12 months - "The electric bus is leaving the station and you best get on it" 
  • International developments: What are other countries doing to incentive change? 
  • Trends in the Australian cleantech sector for 2022
  • A check-in on our BIG predictions and if we still believe in them 
  • Our pick of cleantech deal of the year
  • 2023 season plans: Showcasing the best Aussie cleantech startups

Alex also briefly talks about a startup growing mammary glands and Nick discusses why shark skin on planes is the future. 

It's been a huge year and we couldn’t be more proud of the growth of this little podcast in such a short space of time. A HUGE thank you to all our loyal listeners for your continued support. We look forward to bringing you even more great episodes in 2023!

About the podcast

A Positive Climate is an uplifting podcast about tackling climate change. An entertaining look at the products, people and technologies making a real difference. 

Hosted by leading Australian climate technology experts and investors Alex McIntosh and Nick Zeltzer, two friends on a mission to find the solutions to keep our existential crises at bay. A Positive Climate recently charted as the #1 locally produced podcast in the Australian Technology charts for both Apple and Spotify. 

Look out for our prior episodes of optimistic content covering everything from: hydrogen, lithium mining, plant-based and cell-based meats, electric vehicles, drones, cryptocurrency, solar energy, seaweed, electric bikes, edible waste-eating maggots, and much more. 

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