Oct. 17, 2022

A Positive Climate’s Startup PITCHFEST (feat. EnergyLab’s climate cohort)

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Nick and Alex hear pitches from TEN of Australia’s up and coming climate startups!

This episode brings you something a bit different. We’ve partnered with our friends at EnergyLab (Australia’s leading climate solutions accelerator) to hold a pitch speed round featuring their most recent startup cohort. 

The rules: A 60 second opening free pitch and 10 minutes max for each startup. That’s it! 

If you want to help the startups get in touch with them via the links below AND if you enjoyed the episode we’d love it if you submitted a review on Apple Podcasts.

The startups (drumroll!)

Conrytech (3:19) - Reinventing Airconditioning (Sam Ringwaldt)

Allegro Energy (11:25) - Long Duration Redox Flow Energy Storage (Fraser Hughson)

Acacia (17:43) - The Sustainable Personal Finance Platform (Anil Sagaram)

Raaise (25:59) - The Platform Powering Climate Startups (Amy Carter-James)

National Renewable Network (34:50)- Solar + Battery Solutions at No Upfront Cost (Alan Hunter)

Farmbot (43:08) - Remote Water Management Made Easy (Andrew Coppin)

Solstice AI (51:02) - Intelligent Solar Forecasting (Julian De Hoog)

ValAi (59:36)- Unlocking Sustainable Buildings (Allys Todd)

Ecojoule Energy (1:10:00) - Enhancing the Grid for Renewables (Mike Wishart)

Economical Energy (1:15:46) - The VIPER: Gravity Based Energy Storage (Matthew Forest) 

About the podcast

A Positive Climate is an uplifting podcast about tackling climate change. An entertaining look at the products, people and technologies making a real difference. 

Hosted by leading Australian climate technology experts and investors Alex McIntosh and Nick Zeltzer, two friends on a mission to find the solutions to keep our existential crises at bay. A Positive Climate recently charted as the #1 locally produced podcast in the Australian Technology charts for both Apple and Spotify. 

Look out for our prior episodes of optimistic content covering everything from: hydrogen, lithium mining, plant-based and cell-based meats, electric vehicles, drones, cryptocurrency, solar energy, seaweed, electric bikes, edible waste-eating maggots, and much more. 

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