May 16, 2021

ZeroCo: Eliminating single-use plastic one household bottle at a time

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Mike Smith from ZeroCo is trying to eliminate single-use plastic, one household bottle at a time.  

This episode explores the sheer scale of the plastic problem, the impact of plastic on not only the environment but also carbon emissions and how ZeroCo and their innovative business model is looking to address the problem at hand. Mike spins many a good yarn about founding the business - which thankfully moved out of his sister’s bedroom a long long time ago. 

If you want to buy your own ZeroCo forever bottles, we’ve got a discount code -  POSITIVE - running this week for our podcast listeners!

We’re really interested in the plastic problem so if you’ve come across any great businesses in this space from recycled plastics to non plastic packaging, get in touch.

You might also enjoy this video which presents the history of the plastics industry. 


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Music by Nick Weaver


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