Aug. 22, 2022

Solar Panel Recycling: Big Problem or Massive Opportunity? (feat. PV Industries)

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We chat to Tim Dawson, the founder of PV industries, an Australian startup on a mission to recycle solar panels (and soon, batteries too!). 

In Australia we have A LOT of solar! Currently over 3 million (or 1 in 3) households have solar. Australia has over 25 GW of solar capacity now installed which on a per person basis is 1kw per person, 30% greater than any other country. But what will happen to all these solar panels once they reach the end of their life? 


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Tim Dawson, co-founder and CEO of PV Industries is on a mission to ensure that solar panels can be 100% recycled. PV Industries has created a recycling line that can pull apart a solar panel into its raw components and then sell them to various industries for reuse. 

In the episode we cover: 

  • How Tim and his co-founders started the business
  • What happens to solar panels at the moment once they stop working
  • The key inputs to a solar panel and those that are the most valuable to recover
  • The future of solar, solar recycling and what other industries might need to consider either recycling or a whole reinvention of their mode of doing business

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