June 16, 2021

POSITIVE PRESS: NUGGS - The Tesla of Chicken

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Welcome to our new podcast series The Positive Press by A Positive Climate! We'll be bringing you 5-ish minute episodes on good climate news. Bite sized, informative and a bit tongue in cheek, tune in to hear from Alex and Nick about the most uplifting stories of the week. 

This week we're covering NUGGS by SIMULATE - a plant based chicken nugget company with some pretty cheeky branding. Apparently they are "The Tesla of Chicken".

The founder is 21 year old Aussie Ben Pasternak - who moved to NYC at age 16 to become a entrepreneur (as you do!). He's just raised $50m from celebrity investors and what better excuse to chat about the exploding plant based meat sector, which has the chance to put a dent in carbon emissions and involve no animal suffering while also using less land and less water. 

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