May 2, 2021

Meat 2.0: Is plant based meat the future?

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Welcome to the first episode of A Positive Climate - an uplifting podcast focussed on the cool ways to tackle climate change. 

We're Alex McIntosh and Nick Zeltzer, two mates in the Australian clean energy sector trying to showcase all the positives. 

In this episode we interview Nick Hazell, CEO and founder of V2Food. V2Food is an Australian company that has developed plant based meat that not only cooks like meat, but tastes like meat. 

The meat industry is responsible for 14.5% of carbon emissions but on a positive note: there’s lots of innovation going on to address this. Nick Hazell covers the impacts of the meat industry, how we can improve the food system and V2Foods’ journey from the lab to the supermarket aisle.

If you enjoy this episode, we cover a whole lot more in the rest of our first season, from electric vehicles, to beer turned into hydrogen, to battery powered planes, to magical solar panels that create clean drinking water and much much more. Listen to the whole series now, wherever you get your podcasts.


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Music by Nick Weaver


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