July 18, 2021

Electric Vehicles: Busting the Myths

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We've saved some of the best for last in this final episode of our positive first season. We're lucky to have Tim Washington from JetCharge on the show to talk about all the reasons why electric vehicles (EVs) are just awesome. 

They’re a better driving experience, they’re quieter, they’re better for air quality (especially important for when kids are walking by at exhaust pipe height), they’re soon to be cheaper, they are actually MORE convenient to charge and finally, unlike petrol vehicles, they can give the world what it needs: zero carbon transport! 

We cover it all on this episode - why we should care about EVs, whether they are greener, some charging basics and at the end we bust a whole lot of listener submitted EV myths. 

Thanks to all our listeners for going on the journey for season one with us! Looking forward to coming back with some fresh topics very soon!

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