Dec. 6, 2021

E-bikes: the electric vehicle transforming our cities

Zoomo’s Mina Nada chats to Nick and Alex about the role of electric bikes in the future of our cities.

Electric vehicles are a key pillar of our shift to zero carbon transportation. And when we hear the words "electric vehicles" most of us think about cars. But what about e-bikes? In the US for example they outsold cars by over 2 to 1 last year! And they are growing at 16 times faster than general cycling. 

We wanted to feature ebikes because the reality is they’re not replacing walking or the humble push-bike - they’re replacing trips commonly made by cars and even trucks. And it’s because they’re up to 60% faster at getting you what you need

So there’s a good chance your delivered pad-thai came to you on an e-bike and a really good chance it came to you on a Zoomo bike. Zoomo is riding a number of waves: electrification, the rise of the gig economy and consumers LOVE of on-demand products. The waves are so large that they just raised a A$80m funding round to continue to expand their business globally. Their co-founders recently won the TrailBlazer Award at the 2021 Young Entrepreneur Awards so we were lucky to have their CEO Mina Nada to chat e-bikes. 

In this episode we cover:

  • The role of e-bikes in addressing the zero carbon transportation challenge
  • What is driving the explosion of e-bike usage around the world
  • An e-bikes for dummies speed round (costs, charging times, range, theft)
  • Why Zoomo is unique and why the bikes are flying off the shelves
  • How Australia can go about creating a bike culture

Oh and if you listen to this and think - “Geez I wish i knew more about the batteries powering transportation”- we have an episode for that too!


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