Oct. 18, 2021

Drones to string together the clean energy transition

Cameron Van Der Berg from Infravision explains how can drones help us tackle climate change. 

As the world transitions to 100% renewable energy we are going to need a whole lot more electricity transmission. Historically fossil fuel generators have always been located in centralised locations closer to central loads or cities. However, if our grid is 100% clean the generation mix is likely to be far more dispersed. While you’ll ideally have solar on your roof, the large solar farms will be located in the places with the best sun and the large wind farms will be in the windiest places in the country (sometimes even offshore). 

In this week's episode we chat to Cameron Van Der Berg from Infravision, who have developed drone technology that can help install the influx of new electricity transmission lines in a safer, greener, more efficient way. 

Chris Cox and Cameron, co-founders of Infravision, have been kicking goals securing contracts to assist with transmission for some of the biggest energy projects in Australia including Snowy Hydro 2.0 and the EnergyConnect interconnector. Infravision was dreamt up after Cameron was working as a transmission engineer and seeing the many inefficiencies and meanwhile Chris was working in the airforce on drone technology. 

The boys are down to earth, super smart and employ their “get after it” attitude to everything at Infravision.  

This episode covers: 

  • How Chris and Cameron met in a barrier reef dive shop and originally launched a gym software startup before deciding they had bigger fish to fry
  • The benefit of having ex-defence force personnel in a startup 
  • How transmission lines are typically strung and why it hasn’t been innovated upon in a number of years 
  • How Infravision’s technology can string power lines faster, safer and with less environmental impact
  • The weirdest things they’ve carried with a drone

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