June 13, 2021

Chris McGrath from 5B: Solar Mavericks

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Solar energy is changing the world and 5B Solar has created an innovative solution for large scale sites - the MAVERICK. It's prefabricated, modular, rapidly-deployable and enables projects to be delivered more safely, three times faster and using half the land vs conventional technology. 

Chris McGrath shares the story of how he and his mate Eden came up with the idea, didn’t sleep for three days and then hashed out their business plan over a bottle of whisky. He also shares some insights into the solar industry, we discuss the “bat shit crazy” Sun Cable project and then how 5B assisted with bushfire recovery.

We also touch on the debate about the number of jobs created in the solar industry versus fossil fuels. The winner? Well its game, set, match - because Chris is hiring here

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Music by Nick Weaver

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